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At Hopton Horse Centre all our stables are large and airy and come complete with water bowls. We also have several extra large stables and an isolation stable available on site. Each stable has its own tack room in which you can keep everything you need under lock and key.


We have a rest room where you can make a drink, relax and browse our notice boards and we also provide a toilet and changing room, complete with shower to ensure your maximum comfort.


Rugs and accessories can be washed in our wash room, which is equipped with a modern top loader washing machine for your convenience. Meanwhile, your horse can be kept clean in our purpose built horse shower.


The whole yard is covered by CCTV surveylance with PIR detectors for your peace of mind. We also have two, fully alarmed, saddle lock-ups where we can keep saddles safe.


We pride ourselves on our fencing. It is all electric on post and rail, tape or plain wire. We do not tolerate barb wire at Hopton Horse Centre! Good fencing, that the horses respect, leads to less injuries, vets bills, torn rugs and therefore saves you money and keeps your horse safe.


We have recently extended one of our arenas to 65m x 25m and added a full end of mirrors!

We have a large equisand arena complete with a set of polyjumps, a full size mirror for dressage enthusiasts and excellent floodlighting. Our medium arena has recently been resurfaced with sand and rubber and fully equipped with floodlighting too.

Our lunging and loose schooling arena is very popular during the winter months and is also complete with polyjumps, high fence sides and full floodlighting.

In the last couple of years we have introduced four bark turnout arenas, one of which is floodlit, so that horses can be turned out with a friend to stretch their legs without getting muddy.

Paddocks and Grazing

All our fields, over the years, have been split into smaller paddocks so that horses can be kept in small groups. Mares and geldings are kept separately as this has proved over the years to reduce injuries due to fighting and kicking.

At Hopton Horse Centre, we spend a great deal of time and effort keeping grassland well maintained, by spraying weeds, topping, harrowing and spreading fertilizer.

During the spring we have an abundance of grass however we are careful to keep a selection of paddocks with a minimum of grass for those horses with laminitic tendancies. We also have several convalesant paddocks for those horses that have had an injury and perhaps been on box rest for a while before they go back with their friends.

Summer Jumping and Dressage Paddocks

When the fields are dried out in the spring we have a full set of attractive show jumps and a full set of working hunter jumps and water tray that are set out for the use of all our customers. We also provide a dressage arena on the grass at certain times also.

Pony club mounted games are very popular with some of the younger customers, and we have a full set of games equipment which is available for all customers to use.

Cross Country Course

We have an impressive 70 jump cross country course. View our cross country jumps image gallery.

Worming Programme

All new horses are wormed when they arrive at Hopton Horse Centre and then fall into our worming programme.

Vets and Blacksmiths

We are open to vets and blacksmiths at all times. Several come onto the yard so theres never a problem getting a shoe put back on, or sharing vet visits with other customers if required.

Horse Boxes and Trailers

We allow customers to park lorries and trailers free of charge and have a NEW secure lorry and trailer compound, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Local Hacking

We have two entrances into the farm. One is into the relatively quiet village of Upper Hopton, which within approximately half a mile will take you to many bridleways and the Spen Valley Greenway.

We try to accommodate every horse owners needs within reason!
Stables with lockable tack rooms
  • Stables with lockable tack rooms

Large, floodlit, arena with mirrors at Hopton Horse Centre
  • Large, floodlit, arena with dressage mirror

Jumping paddock
  • Jumping paddock

Full set of Jump for Joy show jumps
  • Full set of Jump for Joy show jumps

Jump equipment available
  • Jump equipment available

Changing room with shower
  • Changing room with shower

Wash room for cleaning rugs and accessories
  • Wash room for cleaning rugs and accessories

Horse shower
  • Horse shower

Well maintained grassland
  • Well maintained grassland

Summer horse jumping and dressage
  • Summer horse jumping and dressage

secure lorry and trailer parking
  • Secure lorry and trailer parking

security posts for horse trailers
  • Security posts for horse trailers

Bark turnout arenas
  • Bark turnout arenas

Lunging and loose schooling arena
  • Lunging and loose schooling arena