hopton horse centre


Large arena improvements

Our MASSIVE arena has been extended to 65m x 25m and is now complete with a full end of mirrors.

Wind turbine up and fully operational

Providing the farm with free electricity and helping us to keep costs down for our customers.

Horse weigh bridge

We have added a new horse weigh bridge which allows owners to keep a check of their horses weight throughout the season. This is helpful in avoiding laminitis and other health conditions associated with weight gain.

Rug drying room

We have a new rug and equipment drying room for use by all of our customers.

All weather walk ways

We have added new all weather walkways between our paddocks, allowing customers to walk safely between fields without crossing paddocks containing other horses and also avoiding mud in poor weather.

Horse solarium

We have a new horse solarium with infrared heaters for use by our livery customers. Helping you dry your horse after showers, warming your horses muscles before exercise (especially useful for older and young horses).

Caring for the environment

All our horse manure goes to a local farmers bio-digestor and is turned into energy which is passed to the national grid. We have also erected a wind turbine on our premises to generate energy which will be used onsite.

Professional hay steamer

A new professional hay steamer is now available, removing dust and making hay more palatable for your horse.

Pony club games equipment

A full set of pony club games equipment is available for our younger members to enjoy.

New Blacksmith Shoeing Building

A new purpose built covered building for blacksmith visits is now available.


Contact us about current vacancies on (01924) 492020 or mobile
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Projects for the future

At Hopton Horse Centre we continually aim for better standards in the services and facilities that we provide. A new, all weather, canter track is proposed for 2017.
Horse weigh bridge - looking after the health of your horse
  • Horse weigh bridge

Rug drying room
  • Rug drying room

Walkways between paddocks - for your safety
  • Walkways between paddocks - for your safety

Walkways between paddocks - avoid mud in poor weather
  • Walkways between paddocks - avoid mud in poor weather

Professional hay steamer
  • Professional hay steamer - removes dust and makes hay more palatable

Pony club games equipment
  • Pony club games equipment for our younger members

Purpose built, covered, blacksmith building
  • Purpose built, covered, blacksmith building

Medium arena at Hopton Horse Centre
  • Medium, floodlit, arena with new rubber and sand surfacing

Georgina - horse jumping
  • We provide a full set of, well presented, show jumps